Projects (PHP Based)

S. No. Project Title Abstract
1 Advance Company Account System ClickHere
2 Colloborative Learning of Students ClickHere
3 Document Fraud Detecting System ClickHere
4 e-Online Auction ClickHere
5 Effective Colloborative Learning ClickHere
6 Employee Transfer Application ClickHere
7 Entity Extraction System ClickHere
8 e-PostOffice System ClickHere
9 E-Tutor Online Jobs ClickHere
10 Freelancer Job ClickHere
11 Home Appliances Online Purchase ClickHere
12 Human Insurance Administration ClickHere
13 Leave Management ClickHere
14 Online E-Tendering ClickHere
15 Online Product Opinion and Ranking System ClickHere
16 Online University ClickHere
17 Purchasing Based Sales Analysis System ClickHere
18 Searching an Image from Websites ClickHere
19 Secured Data Collection Method ClickHere
20 Secured Data On Public Clouds ClickHere
21 Secured File Downloading System ClickHere
22 Step-by-Step Monitoring for Product Purchasing System ClickHere
23 Tagging In Online Social Networks ClickHere
24 Vendor Information System For Shiping ClickHere
25 WebBased Learning System ClickHere