Projects (Android Based) - 2015

S. No. Project Title Abstract
1 Advanced GPS location finder ClickHere
2 Android Assist for Lecturer and Student ClickHere
3 Athlete Meet Guide ClickHere
4 Attendance Tracking System ClickHere
5 Car Parking Automation ClickHere
6 Child Card ClickHere
7 College Management System ClickHere
8 Construction Management ClickHere
9 Cricket and football live Data streaming in Notification service ClickHere
10 Expense Managers ClickHere
11 Food Waste Management ClickHere
12 Friend Mapper ClickHere
13 Furtilizer Management System ClickHere
14 Google Place Finder ClickHere
15 Health Care ClickHere
16 House Rent Management System ClickHere
17 Leave Management System ClickHere
18 Location Based Alarm ClickHere
19 Micro Credit Banking On Smartphone ClickHere
20 Mobi Travel Guide - Travel Smart ClickHere
21 Mobile location alarm ClickHere
22 Nearest Shopping Location Identification Systems ClickHere
23 Online Provisional Store ClickHere
24 Parking Manager ClickHere
25 Personal Assitance ClickHere
26 Rental Management System ClickHere
27 Text Editor ClickHere
28 Timetable ClickHere
29 Travel Guide Abstraction ClickHere
30 Unit Converter ClickHere